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Dolly Boucoyannis Stars on Sand Ring: Top of the Rock

Dolly Boucoyannis Stars on Sand Ring

When we talk about “rocks” as Jewel Snobs, we often mean huge gems like the ones on colossal diamond engagement rings. In the case of this ring, it’s a literal rock. Who knew that such a stunning, high-end piece of jewelry could be built off of a mere pebble? Athenian designer Dolly Boucoyannis! She studied jewelry design in the UK, gemology in the US, and goldsmithing in Florence, so she comes at design with a truly unique, original perspective. She masterfully cut two holes into this pebble to fit in a gold band that loops into a large, flowery support at the base of the ring and covers the top of the rock with a row of shining white diamonds. The juxtaposition is immediately striking. You’ll never look at the pebbles in a riverbed the same way again. Available on Luisa via Roma for $1,375.



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  1. Dear Kelly,
    I would like to thank you very much for two reasons!
    One for refering to my ring and offering me publicity,but mostly for your description!
    It was so nicely explained,you made me feel proud!
    Thank you very much!
    If you ever find yourself in Athens I will be very happy to meet you and take you around!
    Kind regards