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essie 2013 Neon Collection


We can thank essie for neons being popular more or less steadily for the last four or five years. They were the first and they’re still the best when it comes to neons. However because their first neon collection included such true orange, yellow, pink and purple neons it has been hard to follow-up with “true neons” since, which is why while I love the shades in their new collection ($8 each), it must be said that they aren’t exactly neon. The photo above, which I got from their website, actually doesn’t reflect what the shades look like all that accurately (see below for a picture I snapped). The shades are more muted than what you might expect, which I happen to think is great for day-to-day wear (not to mention that neon green could be a little much…).

My favorite shade – and the most neon of the bunch – is the blue, which is called “Bouncer It’s Me.” It’s perfect for toes! It must also be said that essie does always have the best names…



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