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Givenchy Silver Crystal Shark Earring: A Magnet for Pain

Givenchy Silver Crystal Shark Earring

A crystal-encrusted talon is pretty badass, but you also have to be a serious badass to endure the pain this Givenchy causes. The sharp little Shark did his worst – my ear felt crushed between the magnetic pieces. After just 30 short minutes, I had a hot flash headache and couldn’t even see what was in front of me. I took it off, only to find a deep indentation in my ear. I thought this would be a fun, punk alternative to basic hoops, and the clip-on aspect is great for Snobs without pierced ears. I even get the idea behind the strength of the magnet – you wouldn’t want this to fall off and get lost. It’s just not worth the sacrifice, though. I would’ve paid to take it off. Why couldn’t they have just made the earring a screw-on post?? “Beauty is pain” is not a mantra I subscribe to. On Ssense for $555.



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