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Globe-Trotter 26” Cruise Centenary Special Ed Suitcase: Good News Travels Fast

Globe-Trotter 26" Suitcase

With a suitcase like this, the fantasy of the ultimate in glamorous traveling is realized. The fantasy, of course, also includes a full-time porter – because in true old-world form, this trunk doesn’t come with wheels. All for the sake of Industrial Revolution-era romance! (Nineteenth-century snob Anna Karenina would be all over this.)

No shock that Globe-Trotter luggage was founded in 1897 by a luxury-loving Englishman named David Nelken. Today each case is handmade from volcanic fibreboard, which is actually multiple layers of bonded paper. Their slogan? “The world’s most famous suitcase.” You might not have heard of the brand yet, but carrying this timeless yet whimsical luggage in rich blue, you’ll be the most famous girl in the airport. You also might end up being the most exhausted. Just add wheels and it would be all-out perfection.

On Luisa via Roma for $1,957.



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