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Juice Generation Launches DD Shots


Here comes yet another clever marketing play on the popular BB Creams – Juice Generation has just launched DD Shots, which are TSA-friendly 1oz health boosters. So next time you’re getting ready to board a long flight or just need a quick pick-me-up stop by any of their locations and pick-up Sea Buckthorn for a beauty boost (made with 100% raw and unpasteurized pureed sea buckthorn berries, which are known to have anti-aging benefits), Aloe Shot for a digestive boost (made from 100% organic preservative-free Aloe Vera, known to help with digestion and increase nutrient absorption), Prickly Pear for a rescue boost (prickly pear contains more anti-inflammatory agents and essential amino acids than any other plant source), Bee Pollen + Maca for a vitality boost (considered nature’s multivitamin, this combination has essential amino acids, trace minerals, and protein), E3 Live Shot for an energy boost (it’s made with 100% organic and wild-harvested blue green algae that contains 64 vitamins, minerals, and enzymes), or Beetroot Shot for a performance boost (beet provides a natural source of nitrites, which improves blood flow). The only problem? It’s easy to feel like you need them all…


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