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KTZ Sculpted Sneakers and Sandals: A Walk in the Woods

KTZ Sculpted Sneakers and Sandals

These KTZ shoes perfectly exemplify how even the most creative ideas can end up crashing and burning. Kudos for originality – there are not many intricate wedge sneakers out there, but as you can see, there’s a reason for that. The functional nature of running shoes makes the ornamentation of these wooden wedges look incredibly out of place. Where would you wear these? And what with? I’m much more likely to go for the sandal version ($750), yet that was also poorly executed. Since the focus is on elaborate details, the design of the actual leather sandals on top should be tighter and more precise. The same goes for the sneakers. They look like orthopedic shoes were dropped on top of fancy rollerblades, except they don’t roll – at least not with me! Pre-order on Luisa via Roma in black or white for $948.



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