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Laura Mercier Signature Brush Collection: Tools of the Trade

Laura Mercier Signature Brush Collection

This limited edition collection from Laura Mercier is every Makeup Snob’s dream. It has all of the brushes you could need (10 to be exact!) for your face, cheeks, lips, and eyes, including one designed to apply your eyeliner in a sleek line and one to create a sexy smoky eye (both of which can be daunting to perfect without the right tools!). They’re of the highest quality, which is really more important than you might think. As Laura says, “the very best work begins with the very best brushes.” Only the good ones pick up powder and shadow, instead of just dropping it all over your face in one mistaken swoop. If your brushes aren’t up to par, not even the finest makeup will make a difference.

The real draw of this collection is the rich brown case, though. Of course it’s nice to have a vanity mirror, but the brilliant part of the design is the velvet lined brush stand. The back has an easel, allowing you to conveniently stand it up while you go to work with your top-of-the-line tools. With everything in its rightful place, the sometimes tedious process of makeup application will go as quickly as possible. Then when you’re done, just fold the easel down and fit the case neatly back in its box! Available at Bergdorf Goodman for $375.



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