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LEGO Creationary: Guessing Game

LEGO Creationary

While some board games are only amusing to tots (I’m looking at you, Candyland), the LEGO Creationary game actually is fun for the whole family. It’s basically Pictionary with Legos, which is great because some concepts can be hard for kids to depict in drawings. Not everyone is an artist, but everyone knows how to use Legos. You roll a die to find out which category (vehicles, buildings, nature, or things) you’ll be building from. There are three levels of difficulty, so don’t worry about tots (or you!) having a tough time. LEGO just recommends that players be seven-years old and up. Since the game is designed for three to eight players, it’s great to have around when you have a bunch of tots over for playtime. The guessing game aspect will keep all of them constantly entertained, and the building allows each one of them a moment to shine. Turns go surprisingly quickly because there aren’t many Legos. Your imagination is really put to the test when you’re limited to so few pieces. It’s interesting to see all of the things your kids come up with! On Amazon for $26.99.



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