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Phresh Yoga Mats: Fun and Fitness

Phresh Yoga Mats

After graduating from UC Berkley, yoga teacher Bobbi Hamilton decided to dedicate her career to reversing the childhood obesity epidemic in the US. She came up with a clever way to get kids interested in exercise – Phresh yoga mats. These mats come covered in a “map” of symbols that relate to 108 different positions. Kids can look at cute instruction cards to help them find the right poses (kind of like Twister!). Bobbi has also come up with curriculum manuals for schools to easily integrate the mats into their classes (Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move campaign is just one of the programs that has used the mats). My girls love doing yoga with me, but poses can be hard to explain to adults, let alone kids – these cards make it so fun and easy! Right now the company is having trouble keeping up with demand, so they’re using Indiegogo (a crowdfunding site that raises money for different ideas, programs, products, etc.) to help improve the manufacturing costs of the mats and get them out to customers sooner. Contribute $35 for a teen/adult mat, $50 for a kid mat and card game, or $85 for a mommy and me set. Check out all of the package options on Indiegogo!

Phresh Yoga Mats



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