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Restorsea Event: Beauty, Bubbly, and Bergdorf’s

Restorsea Event

Last week, Kelly and I made a trip to NYC to help host Restorsea’s beauty event at Bergdorf Goodman. Thanks to everyone who came out for the evening! Fun as promised, no? We loved introducing friends and readers to the line. I think it’s safe to say you’ll all soon be as obsessed with it as we are! We’ve been preaching the good word about the serum ($195), night cream ($175), and my favorite day and eye creams ($235) for quite a while, and now Restorsea has also developed a luxuriously rich body cream, cleanser ($65), and toner. If you’ve been concerned with the idea of the baby salmon enzyme ingredient, rest assured that it’s taken from the waters where the salmon are hatched, not from the actual eggs. Try out even one product and trust me, you’ll be converted. Check out photos of all the beautiful people at the event, then shop the skincare at Bergdorf Goodman or on Restorsea.

Restorsea Event

Now this is a Beauty Snob who knows her bags!



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