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Restorsea Rejuvenating Day Lotion: Protect and Serve

Restorsea Rejuvenating Day Lotion

Have you RSVPed yet for our evening of beauty, cocktails, and girl talk at Bergdorf Goodman?? Tina and I decided to host the Restorsea event because of our obsession with the line. We’ve seen incredible results, especially with the Restoring night cream (on Restorsea for $175) – my skin has never looked more radiant! The daytime moisturizer is even more of an essential for me. I have hyperpigmentation, making SPF a must each time I leave the house. The night cream is wonderful, but if you’re not protecting your skin from further damage, then you’re only fighting half the battle. Like all Restorsea products, the day lotion’s key ingredient is the miracle salmon hatching enzyme, plus SPF 30 – this way you get anti-aging, moisturizing, and UV protection all in one! With just two small pumps you’ll be able to cover your entire face. Just give it a minute to absorb. Once that’s done, it won’t feel at all greasy or turn white like so many other sunscreens. I reapply SPF like a madwoman throughout the summer, so at the end of each day I feel like a seven-layer dip. Not with this! It leaves you feeling fresh and hydrated. I’m visiting a lot of hot climates this summer (Maine, Boston, Florence, Taiwan, and Hong Kong) – you can be sure this lotion will be my constant companion. RSVP to the event at Bergdorf’s at Bergdorf’s to try it out for yourself! Available on Restorsea for $150.



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