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Reverse Gray Hair with a Tan: Secrets of the Sun

Reverse Gray Hair with a Tan

Researchers from the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands now claim that not only can you prevent gray hair, you can reverse it. These scientists are taking the first steps towards the fountain of youth, and I’m more than ready to join in on the journey myself! They’ve found that the cause of gray hair is the formation of hydrogen peroxide at the follicles (isn’t it funny that what one blonde pays for when she’s 20, she can get for free when she’s 40?). This bleaches the hair inside out, but they’ve discovered that a compound called modified pseudocatalase can prevent this. Once its topical treatment is activated by the sun, the hydrogen peroxide turns into oxygen and water. Which means that all you have to do is apply, head outside for a tan, and voila – no more grays (just remember to wear your SPF!).

This definitely beats going to the salon every six weeks for 45 minutes of sitting and waiting – even longer if you’re like me and go organic. For men who don’t like the idea of using a cosmetic solution like Just for Men, this will be perfect (unless you’re George Clooney, in which case, you’re already perfect). My concerns are completely vain, but the real headline here is that this can treat vitiligo, a condition that turns patches of skin white. Gray hair is easily covered up with dye, but white patches of skin (especially when they’re on your face) are more challenging. While a release date for the topical product has not been revealed, I think it’s safe to say that you can start letting go of your Clairol stock. I’m curious about what they side effects will be, but until those are available, read more about the miracle discovery via the Daily Mail.



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