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Snob Quiz: SJP and the LBB

Snob Quiz
Once I’d gotten over those precious pink outfits on SJP’s twins, my eyes went straight to that LBB – little black bag (that is, after being distracted by the half rolled up jeans). The luxe combo of black leather and gold hardware immediately elevates any look, making it an on-the-go Mom Snob favorite. And since moms need to carry an arsenal of necessities at all times, the bag was just the right size. The question is who’s the designer?? Considering Sarah Jessica Parker is a bonafide Snob, you know it’s gotta be good. The simple saddlebag is perfect for navigating the streets of NYC in style. The flap protects your bag’s contents without making it into an all-out expedition to reach inside. So pull out your pens and paper – it’s Snob Quiz time! Let us know who you think Ms. Bradshaw is carrying.



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