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T.T. Trunks Mademoiselle Trunk: Down to a T

T.T. Trunks Mademoiselle Trunk

I went to see End of the Rainbow recently, a musical about the months leading to the end of Judy Garland’s life. It stars Tracy Bennett, who was so spectacular I could not believe what I was watching. Mesmerizing performance aside, I was fixated on one of the props on stage: an opulent vanity trunk that opens into a closet and comes complete with a primping table and seat. You would assume this kind of fabulousness is reserved strictly for Hollywood legends, but on the contrary. Thanks to T.T. Trunks, you can totally get your own. And it’s the most fantastic thing I’ve ever seen.

Their travel trunks are no ordinary luggage; these investment pieces open up to a world of lavish decadence. They have many variations (including one dedicated to your electronic devices), but it’s the Mademoiselle that the ultimate high-maintenance woman needs and perhaps deserves. This powdery trunk is a personal vanity to house all your beauty products and jewelry, ensuring each item is spectacularly displayed on suede-and-leather trays, drawers, and stands. No doubt, the Mademoiselle is fit for a queen; it comes in at about $35,000. If it’s personalization you’re after, you can also have a Bespoke trunk made for your specific needs at T.T. Trunks. Here’s to old-world glamour!



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  1. Really not ! Seen one in NY few year ago, poor quality for the price, coated canevas and finishing are worse than a low-end product !! Forget this brand

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