Top 5 Uncommon Collars: Quick Change Artists

Top 5 Uncommon Collars

Have some old outfits that need refreshing? The quickest way to bring them back to life is with an eye-catching collar. This coral-shaped design from Kara Ross (on Kara Ross for $315) was crafted out of slick black resin and wrapped it in gold-plating and crystals. Toss it over a your favorite white t-shirt, slip on a flowery skirt, and you’ll feel ready to sip Caipirinhas in Capri!

Top 5 Uncommon Collars

Marni Embellished V-Neck Collar Necklace: This collar is so big it could pass for a sash. Wear it over a simple dress for maximum impact. At Saks Fifth Avenue for $740.

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