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Versace Mirrored Leather Pumps: Snob or Slob?

Versace Mirrored Leather Pumps

I just posted on some stilt-like wedges and now I’m come across yet another impossibly high pair of shoes (we’re talking more than six inches). Designers have far more faith in our strutting abilities than they should. Don’t get me wrong – I love a gorgeous platform. Stepping into an extra few inches up feels like floating in the clouds. But this is far from the norm. Versace layers a classic black shoe atop a set of monochrome platforms. Between the shoe and the heel is an empty space that you can see through, producing an interesting effect that just highlights again what a tightrope act this heel really is. If that isn’t enough to have you running for the hills, then check out the pink version – with the patent leather it looks like a plastic Barbie pump. What do you think – Snob or Slob? Available in black or pink on Luisa via Roma for $1,086.



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