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Welcomecompanions: The Surreal Thing

Welcomecompanions Airmail Wallet, Glove Coinpurse, Strawberry, Toast Clutch, Hat Bag

Blame (or thank) Charlotte Olympia for the resurgence of kitsch bags. What started out as a witty joke has turned into something serious: the trend is at an all-time high with prices to match. Now another brand is out to give Charlotte’s perfume bottles and parrots and Olympia LeTan’s book bags a run for their money.

Welcomecompanions founder Laurel Consuelo Broughton brings a slightly more artistic approach to campy accessories. Designing everything in her LA studio, she is inspired by high-brow themes met with direct intention and careful thought. (Each piece is also handcrafted there, which accounts for the high cost.) No random Frosty the Snowman coin purse here! I was most intrigued by the Mr. Knife, Miss Fork collection, which is based on the concept that “the object is not just the object.” From the Airmail Envelope wallet ($220) to the Toast ($740) and Strawberry ($720) bags to the Glove coin purse ($320): I really hate saying this, but I like it. Especially the one that’s perhaps the kookiest of all. I have a hat fetish, and love the creative interpretation of the Hat bag ($390)! Now if I can learn to carry all my stuff on top of my head in said hat bag, life would be perfect.

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