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Charlotte Olympia Hollywood Sandals: Blockbusters or Box Office Bombs?

Charlotte Olympia Hollywood Sandals

Hollywood has long been a source of inspiration for dreamers all around the world, but I have to say this is the first time I’ve seen its iconic white sign emblazoned onto shoes. Here’s hoping it’s also the last. The wedges ($1,195) are classic Charlotte Olympia kitsch. They look like the kind of sandals Katy Perry would’ve worn in her California Gurls video – all she’d need to add would be a bra that shoots whipped cream and a blue wig. Worse yet, the grass-colored suede reminds me of a cheap putting green. The film reel sandals ($895) are certainly a subtler nod to La-La-Land. They’re still a little cheeky, so pair them with a cutesy dress to show off your sense of humor along with your love of film. When styled well, the silver screen shoes just might make you the star of the show. Available on NET-A-PORTER.



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