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Citta By Roger Moisture Peeling Lotion & Supreme Treatment Facial Program

Citta By Roger Moisture Peeling Lotion & Supreme Treatment Facial Program

Chinese women care more about skincare than we do about makeup (wouldn’t you rather look pretty barefaced than all dolled up?), so I love to try different Asian brands in this arena. My newest find is Citta by Roger, an extensive line headed up by Chinese skincare guru to the stars, Roger Zheng. My two favorite products are the Moisture Peeling Lotion and the Supreme Treatment Facial Program. I use the lotion as a toner with my CVS exfoliating cotton pads. It’s the best pore-minimizer I’ve ever used! I’d bathe in it if I could – with ingredients like lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, and raspberry extract, it even removes dead skin cells and rough patches on elbows and feet.

The Facial Program comes with cotton pads that are moistened with this lotion to prep you before applying the treatment mask. There are some for your face, neck, chest, and one for your body (I told you Chinese women are serious about our skin – every last inch!). The cleaner your face is, the more easily it can absorb all of the good stuff in a mask like soothing algae extract. Now that I’m using this weekly, I don’t need to spend money on professional facials anymore. I just apply the peel and sit down to watch Modern Family. It’s super relaxing and hydrating! Once I’m done, I look like I’ve slept 10 hours a night for a week straight. Available at Citta by Roger.

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