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Dangene Skincare Program: Three’s Company

Dangene Skincare Program

I’ve always adhered to a 7-10 step skincare routine, but now I’ve found a way to get by on just 3! For a recent two-day trip to NYC, I wanted only carry-on products. Dangene’s antioxidant-rich program was just what the dermatologist ordered! She calls herself a “personal trainer for your skin” (visit the Institute of Skinovation in NYC for your next workout – lasers, stem cell therapy, etc.). The first step is, of course, the cleanser ($25). While I was worried that such a short regimen would be lacking in the hydration department (I love oils!), the serum ($325) left me just as moisturized as any oil I’ve tried. And rightly so – it’s pretty pricey. Afterwards you finish off with the moisturizer ($150), which you can buy separately just like the other steps. Though I won’t be simplifying my routine permanently, it’s nice to know I can downsize without compromising on quick trips and late at night when I don’t feel like going through all of the motions! Available at The Institute of Skinovation for $500.



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