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Diggin Scootcase: Toy to the World

Diggin Scootcase

I’ve long been a fan of Trunki’s ride on toy/suitcase hybrid, but I think it might have finally met its match. The main difference? Diggin‘s retro-inspired scooter has a handle that turns, making the drive even more fun for your tots. To be sure, riding this will be very slow going and will require A LOT of extra time at the airport. Your kids can push themselves along or have you pull them by the strap. If you get stuck in security forever and have to run to your gate, the strap conveniently hooks onto the other end of the scooter so that you or dad can throw it over your shoulder and go. It’ll even fit in the overhead bins! There are bands inside to keep everything in place, even as your tots are moving and shaking (or the plane is!). Now whether it’s a trip to grandma’s or just around the driveway, your little one will always be excited for a new adventure. Available on Amazon for $55.99.



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