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Elisabeth Weinstock Obsessions: All About Anaconda

Elisabeth Weinstock Dopp Kit

I have an unhealthy obsession with anaconda skin. I’m one of few women out there who is not afraid of snakes. Perhaps I should credit growing up with so many brothers; pythons, snakes, and lizards, too: I have pet them all. And no, I don’t eat them, even though the Chinese consider snakes a delicacy (eww…). But I do love reptiles on my bags, shoes, and anywhere else you can dream up! Which brings me to a new obsession: I have been coveting all of the artful anaconda accessories from Elisabeth Weinstock for months now.

The LA native and fellow lover of skins founded interior design firm in 2002, and Elisabeth Weinstock Design creates one-of-a-kind pieces that flaunt a devotion to glamour and luxury. I was about to order the Palermo dopp kit, Weinstock’s bestseller, for last week’s trip to Firenze, but I couldn’t decide on a color! Natural anaconda is perfection; then again, I’m a sucker for midnight blue. I’m just worried the glazed skin will end up peeling or curling. I’m holding off until Elisabeth advises me on the best shade of skin for traveling. Also like the designer, I believe in luxury in all aspects of life, not merely when you’re showing it off on your arm. The Quebec travel valet lays perfectly flat for packing. Then just a pinch at each corner converts it into a tray for your trinkets (be sure to keep it in the hotel safe!). I cannot think of anything more luxuriant than a side table covered in exotic skin (I need this for my office in a very serious way)! Except perhaps a massive jewelry chest, which is something out of my dreams. Leaving no detail uncovered, the Dublin flask will come in handy for Kelly, as she is gluten intolerant and often has to bring her own potato vodka to parties. Looks like it really is the Year of the Snake!

Palermo dopp kit, $788; Quebec travel valet, $140; Oxford side table, $10,536; Luxembourg large jewelry case, $24,784; Dublin flask, $225.

Elisabeth Weinstock Flask, Table, Valet, and Jewelry Case



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