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Flight 001 Travel Essentials: Pack Mentality

Flight 001 Travel Essentials

I just landed in Florence, so my mind is focused on all things travel! It’s hard to pare down your suitcase (I have three with me and had a nightmare the night before flying that Kelly and Rich left me on the curb with it all ‘cuz it wouldn’t fit in our car!) – I’d rather just make sure everything’s organized. That’s where Flight 001 comes in. Kelly and I just recommended their SpacePak set in a post on Elizabeth Street, and now more of the line is available on Shopbop. When you’re traveling, anything fun like this that can put a smile on your face is appreciated. Get ready for takeoff with cute, frugal-friendly essentials!

Caution Pouch ($18): This cheeky pouch is just the right size for all of those 3.4 oz. and under liquids.

Go Clean Laundry Bag ($22): Even if you’re staying in a room with a laundry machine, you don’t want to waste your precious vacation hours doing chores! Pack it all up in this drawstring bag and deal with it once you’re back to reality.

Go Clean Beach Set ($66): Keep your beach bag free of sand with these brightly colored bags. The green one even opens up to be big enough for your towel.

To Go Bottles & Jars ($18): You can never get enough of these. They come with a helpful packing list and some labels (wouldn’t want to mix up your lotion and conditioner!).

SpacePak Travel Bag Set ($140): This is the all-in-one set – clean clothes, laundry, toiletries, shoes, and lingerie all have their own compartments, if not their own bags.



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