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Frugal Friday: Laurence Heller Embroidered Straw Clutches

Frugal Friday

Laurence Heller was the fashion editor of French Elle for 17 years before going into design himself, so he certainly has an eye for style and the kindness to make it available at a reasonable price. I think these are the least expensive bags I’ve ever featured, and god knows they’re not the worst. The straw is a bit loose and the way the embroidery is attached with thread at the sides looks a little sloppy, but these are handmade – they’re not going to be completely perfect. The clutches definitely have their charms. The sequin details look really gorgeous and the interior is lined in soft suede. Straw and shine – could there be a more perfect summer combo? Pair one with some gold pumps on a cool evening to heat things up. At this price, you can tire of it by the season’s end without a single inkling of guilt! Available on Luisa via Roma in small ($120) and large ($98).



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