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Giuseppe Zanotti Ponyskin Swarovski Sandals: Sparkles & Stripes

Giuseppe Zanotti Ponyskin Swarovski Sandals

Oh, Giuseppe – what are you doing to me? I would sell a kidney for these! Luckily the price isn’t that bad (although, it’s not cheap). As far as I’m concerned, whatever level of debt you need to go into is justifiable (kidding – sort of…). After all, a ponyskin and Swarovski combo is not something we see everyday, but looking at these, maybe it should be! The crystals make the flash of an ankle strap even more glam. And I’m all about zebra right now. It’s the black and white trend gone wild. Between that and my love of ankle cuffs, I’m convinced these came straight from shoe heaven. I do have one little grievance – the patent toe strap. It would be so much more flattering if it can across the foot, instead of just forming a peep toe. You already have stability with the ankle strap, so this didn’t need to be so thick. No matter, though – I’m too deep in love to care for long! Available on Luisa via Roma for $1,420.



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