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Herbacin Shampoo & Conditioner: Back to Basics

Herbacin Shampoo & Conditioner

After chopping all of my hair off (well, eight inches – too bad it was layered, or else I could have donated it), I need a more lightweight shampoo and conditioner. With longer hair I was constantly worried about protecting my ends and treating my locks with heavy conditioners and oils. Now I just want all-natural products that’ll keep my hair healthy and lush. Normally I would shampoo every three days, but since my body isn’t used to this short style yet, my scalp is overproducing oil and greasing the hair faster. I’ve started shampooing everyday and thanks to Herbacin’s simple, refreshing line, it’s been really nice!

Their products are all made in Germany using ingredients from dense forests and countryside meadows. The formula of the volumizing shampoo contains mango, gingko, and chamomile, so the scent is fresh and lovely. It smells and feels like what you would make at home (if you knew how to make shampoo). I follow up with the lotus, melon, and aloe vera conditioner. It’s so liberating to use something this lightweight. Shorter hair is liberating altogether! The style is low maintenance, won’t weigh you down, and out in the intense heat, will make you feel 10 degrees cooler. Have you changed your hair for summer? Available on for $7.99 each.



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