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Kaloo Izzy Apron Sets: Top Chefs in Training

Kaloo Izzy Apron Sets

I love cooking with my kids, and these adorable Izzy apron sets will make it even more fun. Novice cooks tend to make a mess in the kitchen – hence the “Official Mess Maker” apron – so it’s best to dress for the occasion. The sets come with a titled apron (is your tot a “Love Bug” or a “Lil’ Hoot?”), an absolutely precious hat, and matching mitts (even though I’d probably rather handle the oven work myself, they’ll love having their own pair that actually fits them). The outfits turn cooking into playtime – in fact, I wouldn’t be surprised to see these used during dress-up, too! And then who knows? Maybe your little sous chef will one day be a Top Chef! In the meantime, they can have fun serving up culinary flair with a side of fresh fashion. Available on Kaloo for $29 each.



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