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L.A. Christine No. 3 Berry Face Oil: Sun-Kissed and Soothed

L.A. Christine No. 3 Berry Face Oil

I’ve been in Punta Mita all week, and in spite of my serious dedication to sunscreen and big hats, it’s been impossible to escape the sun’s harsh rays out on the beach! The creator of No. 3 berry face oil, Lea A.C. Fulton (a.k.a. L.A. Christine), grew up in Scandinavia, so she understands the damage harsh weather can do. She’s traveled all around Europe finding the best natural ingredients to soothe her skin. Since mine always gets patchy in the sun, I brought a bottle of her face oil to Mexico and have been applying it every night.

People are worried about trying the face oil trend because they don’t want to look greasy. I think it’s all about application, though – I just make sure to avoid the T-zone. This oil is made with Scandinavian lingonberry, which has anti-inflammatory qualities and is high in antioxidants (to fight off free radicals from sun exposure), making it great for different areas of my body as well. I even dab a bit on my eight-year-old son, who fights me daily when it come to sunscreen. Now our skin is as soft and supple as ever. Kelly loves this, and after seeing how well it heals sun-exposed skin, I do, too! Consider it a part of my daily routine going forward. If only it came in a gallon – I’d love to dip my entire body in! Available on L.A. Christine for $78.



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