Lanvin Gold Sculpted-Heel Sandal: Woodn’t It Be Nice?

Lanvin Gold Sculpted-Heel Sandal

These prism heel Lanvin sandals are solid gold hits (even the soles are bolted with metal!). I must have them. Sure, I have my fair share of golden Lanvins, but I don’t have these. Can you tell that I would say anything to rationalize this purchase? Oh wait, I don’t have to – they’re 30% off! Besides, even though the strappy style is great for summer, this is a shoe with yearlong staying power – the high-density metal will always wow at an evening event and an ankle harness this strong will make walking a total breeze (especially atop this chunky sculpted heel). Mixing gold with wood is just what the metal heel trend needs to keep strutting forward. With a little less shine, the style suddenly becomes way more wearable, and when you’re obsessed like I am, any extended period of separation would be simply too much to take. Available on Ssense for $875 (from $1,250).

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