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Marieka Ratsma: Bird of Prey

Marieka Ratsma

Normally birds are the ones mimicking humans, but thanks to Dutch designer Marieka Ratsma, it’s the other way around. Only a couple of years out of the Utrecht School of Arts and she’s already made her mark in the fashion industry and the art world with this morbidly fascinating biomimicry pump. Marieka modeled it after a bird’s skull, and with the help of American architect Kostika Spaho and the magic that is 3D printing, it came to life (or death, whichever way you look at it). The hollow heel was sculpted like a beak and the front of the shoe like a cranium. She totally nailed the concept, even down to the bone white material (which is very lightweight and surprise – wearable!). If you want to shop more of Marieka’s avian-inspired accessories, check out her e-boutique here.



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