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Mise en Dior Earrings: Twice as Nice

Mise en Dior Earrings

According to Dior’s creative director of costume jewelry Camille Miceli, “Sometimes the simplest ideas can be the most striking.” That’s really not giving herself enough credit, though. Camille took a simple idea – the classic pearl stud – and made it into something much more. No one’s questioning the timelessness of pearl earrings, but every once in a while you long for more excitement. Enter Mise en Dior. On the front of your lobe rests a small bead, while behind is a larger, more dramatic one that creates striking contrast and dimension. The asymmetric look is fun, yet completely elegant. The earrings are sold solo, but who’s to stop you from getting two if your Snobby heart so desires? Go with the same style or switch it up – there are two-tone selections and singles in everything from pearl to ruby red! To be available at Dior by late June.



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