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Nancy Gonzalez Cristina Bag: High Hopes

Nancy Gonzalez Cristina Bag

Nancy Gonzalez has generously donated her iconic Cristina bag in metallic crocodile (in the large version which has a $4,510 value) to a live auction for Many Hopes. The Cristina was created after Nancy’s daughter, Cristina, requested a bag that would suit the life of a mom/businesswoman. Done! With endless ways to carry it and even more compartments, it suits the busiest of snobs. Since its release, it has come out in a rainbow’s spectrum of colors and become a favorite of influencers like Giovanna Battaglia, Elisabeth von Thur un Taxis, and China Chow. I can always count on Nancy to support charitable causes, especially if they benefit children.

In case you don’t know about it, Many Hopes is an amazing charity that fights tirelessly to better the lives of impoverished children in Kenya (a country where 2.6 million kids are homeless). I’ll be attending the auction, taking place on June 19th in New York City, along with my girl and gala host-with-the-most, Jessica Stam. You can buy your ticket here! It’s $175 for general admission, and $500 to hang out with the hosts and celebs (use Stam’s code 2012 for 40% off tickets!).

When Stam invited me to gala and I learned about Many Hopes, I immediately offered my services. We will have many incredible bags on live auction. If you can’t be in New York for the auction, you can donate here!

You can also still buy the small version of the Cristina bag at Neiman Marcus for $3,750 (large version $4,510).




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