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Nicholas Kirkwood Sculpted Wedge Pumps: Ride the Waves

Nicholas Kirkwood Sculpted Wedge Pumps

Take a look in your closet. Odds are all the pumps have similar silhouettes (the main difference being whether or not they’re platforms). It’s time to introduce a little more spice into our shoe collections – or sugar, I should say. These gold Nicholas Kirkwood wedges look like they’re made from delectable ribbon candy that’ll spring-power each step you take. In actuality, they’re inspired by waves, a look enhanced by the swirly gold cap toes. The sculpted heels deserve to be displayed, but that would be like buying your tot a nice Barbie and then not letting her play with it – no fun at all. They balance whimsy and sophistication so well that you’ll have no trouble finding occasions to throw them on. Just get ready for the wave of compliments that’s headed your way. Ready to dive in? Available on NET-A-PORTER for $1,095.



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