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ONE by ashlyn’d Honor Roll Chalkboard Clutch: Chalk It Up

One by Ashlyn'd Clutch

School’s out for summer and it’s time to lighten up! Once in awhile, it’s okay to have total fun with a clutch and forget about trying to be perfectly chic all the time – what’s the fun in that anyway? ONE by ashlyn’d’s funky Honor Roll clutch is a cute idea, one that I imagine is intended for single girls. A chalkboard clutch creates an easy way for a cutie to jot down his number without being overly creepy about it (and if he’s not a cutie, you can just erase it!).

There’s full commitment going on here: the closure is fashioned to resemble a piece of chalk – adorable. And it comes with a stick of resin chalk inside in a little pouch, to keep your stuff from getting dusty. It’s not like you’ll be carrying too much anyway; the thick wooden frame is pretty much the entire clutch. My single days might be over, but this could actually be a convenient piece for me. These days, I am so forgetful, unless something is written in front of my face, it might as well not exist.

Beside, when you’re tired of it, give it to your daughter or niece. She will love it!

On Shopbop for $340.

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