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Playhouse Cube: Not Your Father’s Cubicle

Playhouse Cube

There are many years until your tot gets stuck in a cubicle and let’s hope he/she gets bumped up to that corner office quickly. Or better yet, no corporate ladder for your precious beaming tot, for me nothing sounds more grim. This Playhouse Cube looks pretty simple and not all that exciting but believe me, with your tot’s imagination and natural inclination to hide out, this might as well be the Hearst Castle. Perfect for playing fort and having a place to read (just make sure you get a reading light, like the Mighty Bright which I love). It looks obtrusive but it fits perfectly in that unused corner of yours so it actually will not interfere with the flow of your room. In fact, you want to have this tucked away. It fits 2 tots so if they’re sharing a room this is just what is needed to give them their own space or when they are being loving to each other, they can snuggle together in here. At Amazon for $192.99.

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