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Plukka Arrowhead Cuff: Imitation is the Highest Form of Flattery

Plukka Arrowhead Cuff

As a Vita Fede superfan, Plukka’s Arrowhead cuff immediately caught my eye – and not necessarily in a good way. The white sapphire and black spinel-accented bracelet bears a striking resemblance to Cynthia Sakai’s popular crystal Titan (on Intermix for $375), especially the super sparkly ones from the fall 2013 collection. In fairness, Plukka does make a few changes. Rather than shiny metal, the cuff is wrapped in matte black leather, making the contrasting black and white gemstones stand out all the more. You also push the flexible Arrowhead cuff onto your wrist, instead of hinging it on à la Vita Fede. The pave cones are undeniably inspired by my fave fashion jeweler, but I don’t know if we need to cry foul. After all, they say imitation is the highest form of flattery! What do you think? Available on Plukka for $320.

Plukka Arrowhead CuffPlukka Arrowhead Cuffs

Plukka Arrowhead CuffVita Fede Titan Bracelets

Plukka Arrowhead CuffVita Fede Fall 2013 Collection



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