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Reference 959 by Patek Philippe: Keeping Time for $1.5 Mill

Reference 959 by Patek Philippe

As Father’s Day nears, we’re all looking for that perfect gift. Men love nice watches, but a $1.5 million dollar one? Well, that’s very nice. I’m talking about the Reference 959 by Patek Philippe, the famous Swiss watchmaker. Believe it or not, this is by no means their least expensive creation (one of their watches sold for the highest amount ever – a cool $11 mill). It was constructed in the 1980s as a one-of-a-kind. The 959 is a grand complication watch, which in the simplest terms means that it’s a challenge to construct. For instance, the most complicated watch in the world has 1483 components and 34 complications, or special features like a 1000-year calendar. See the Patek Philippe in person now until June 12th as part of the Aaron Faber Gallery’s Grand Complications Exhibition in NYC. Get the details here!



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