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Serge Normant Dry Shampoo

I swear by dry shampoo – especially in the summer when you can’t walk 10 minutes without breaking a serious sweat – but even in the dead of winter, it’s a must after I workout because I never shower at the gym (I always wait till I get home…). Serge Normant’s Meta Revive Dry Shampoo works double duty to both absorb oil and give volume without it feeling like you have any product in your hair – just comb through after, don’t spray too close to your hair (about 8-10 inches), and don’t spray too much or you’ll risk residue. It also has a nice smell that’s just strong enough to absorb any malodor, but not so strong that it will last more than a few minutes (I get nauseous when products have scents that linger too long…). I’ve always put my hair up in a ponytail or bun after using this, but I imagine that with a little more effort you could use this to refresh your hair enough to wear it down.

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