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Show the Love Reflect What You Are Earrings: Little Slices of Heaven

Show the Love Reflect What You Are Earrings

Every diamond is unique, but these diamond slices take that to a whole other level. As the name suggests, these four sizable gems will dangle from your ears like little mirrors. Finish off the rose gold sunburst edges with 48 more little diamonds and you can see why I’m in love! Best of all is the idea behind the brand, though. Show the Love handmakes their jewelry with only ethically sourced diamonds and recycled metals. Plus, 5% of the profits got to, a nonprofit that provides access to clean water in Africa, South Asia, and Central America. In spite of all the notoriety surrounding conflict diamonds, they are still very much an issue, so it’s important to choose jewels that reflect what you are – socially conscious and Snobby! Available on Show the Love for $4,200.



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