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Tieks Ballet Flats: Reinventing the Wheel

Tieks Ballet Flats

The ballet flat is such a classic that we don’t think to question how it could be better. Now Tieks has come along and reinvented the shoe for the on-the-go woman. I just ordered two pairs – the crackled rose gold Lovestruck and the nude lace. While I prefer neutrals like these that will go with most anything, the shoe is available in basically a million other colors (more like 46, but you get the idea) if something else suits your fancy. Just like Louboutin has his red soles, Tiek has their blue. It takes three days and more than 150 steps to create just one pair, so you know they’re great quality. The Italian leather flats conveniently fold up when you want to throw them in your bag (they come with little pouches). I’ve carried my Alaïa flats around Fashion Week for years. They’re gorgeous yet bulky – this solves the issue completely. Now I can’t wait for Fashion Month! Available on Tieks for $265 each.



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