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Top 5 Black and White Animal Prints: Who Needs Color?

Lanvin, Burberry Prorsum, Fendi, Saint Laurent, Giuseppe Zanotti Black and White Animal Print Bags

I am obsessed with zebra right now! If you happened to ask me this moment, all of my accessories could be zebra-proint pony hair and I’d be thrilled. (I’m sure tomorrow I will change my mind, but isn’t the fun of fashion all about the here and now?) But even if I step back and analyze the level of versatility of my current fixation, I still maintain it’s a fantastic notion. I mean, what goes better with black and white than wildly natural stripes?! I’m already getting the Zanotti shoes, and those are certainly not my first pair of zebra-print sandals. I’m telling you: this look will take you far. Don’t be afraid to take the plunge and invest.

1. Burberry Prorsum Zebra-Printed Ponyskin Tote Bag: Don’t get distracted by the awesome allover rivets. Bold, abstracted animal stripes have me thinking about Burberry in a whole new way.
Available for pre-order on Luisa via Roma for $2,995 (expect delivery by September 30th).

2. Lanvin Medium Happy Printed Pony and Leather Bag: The Happy has a new spring in its step, courtesy of gutsy stripes against a pebbly leather body.
On Luisa via Roma for $2,650.

3. Saint Laurent Mini Betty Printed Pony Shoulder Bag: Okay, so it’s not technically zebra, but wildcat stripes still get the spicy point across – and feel classic.
On Luisa via Roma for $1,690.

4. Giuseppe Zanotti Zebra Printed Ponyskin Clutch: If zebra ponyskin isn’t savage enough for you, just glance at Giuseppe’s toothy zipper pull.
On Luisa via Roma for $975.

5. Fendi 2Jours Animal-Print Tote Bag: For those who don’t want to make a big commitment, a splashy gusset on a structured tote is enough to entice and please.
At Bergdorf Goodman for $2,770.



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