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Top 5 Unique Cosmetic Bags: Curious Cases

Top 5 Unique Cosmetic Bags

Considering how often we whip out our cosmetic cases, they need to look good! Why leave all of the statement making to your bag? There are unique makeup pouches with just as much personality. Take Alex Wang’s Chastity cosmetics bag (on NET-A-PORTER for $340). The unusual shape, the snake chain – these aren’t details you see on the average makeup case (it even comes with an attached mirror on the inside!). See which other cases caught my eye…

Top 5 Unique Cosmetic Bags

Pinch Provisions Ms. & Mrs. Good Luck Mini Emergency Kit: If you’ve ever needed an Advil/band-aid/tampon/etc. when you were out and about, you’ll appreciate this prepackaged set of necessities. At Nordstrom for $18.



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  1. The makeup planner bag is so cool! I like how there’s “pages” you can buy to put in it so you can fit even more things in it! This way I won’t have to worry about running out of space!