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Trend Alert: Hair Chalk

Trend Alert

We all long to change our hair from time to time, which is why hair chalk is such a fun trend. If you’ve seen the infomercial for Hot Huez, you know what I’m talking about! Don’t bother with their high prices and shipping costs, though. It’s easy to find different brands, and they’re all the same silicone-based chalks. I tested out a chalk ball from Urban Outfitters (at Urban Outfitters for $5) and a 24-pack called The Bundle Monster (on Amazon for $14.99). The only real difference in quality is how messy it can get. While I didn’t try Edge Chalkers (on Amazon for $34.95), I imagine a pen applicator would’ve made the experience a whole lot easier. The other chalks get all over your hands. You could avoid that issue with the pens by holding your hair taut at the ends and moving the chalk along your locks. They’re the most expensive, but you get what you pay for (plus, the colors are metallic!).

No matter which you get, apply to your hair as if you’re drawing on it. Put the chalk on one side of the strands and your hand on the other, and pull all the way through. Even though that’s pretty easy, chalk bits will inevitably fall down and since the color is SUPER saturated, it’s a bitch to clean (particularly if you have a white bathroom like me…). I had to get a towel to scrub some out of my marble countertop, then I dropped the whole chalk piece on the floor and it broke into shards that got stuck in the grout. Total nightmare. Basically, do this outside. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll have awesome results. Even my jet-black hair looked bright – check it out below! The look is a chalky matte, not super shiny. This stays put once it’s on your hair, but the color would rub off on your pillow if you slept on it – wash it out with shampoo before you turn in. Overall, the chalk is much better than actually dying your locks some crazy color you’ll regret in a week, especially if your office isn’t purple hair-friendly (and sadly, most aren’t). It’s also more fun than sitting in a salon chair. Just don’t get carried away with all of the color options – one is cool, seven is a rainbow!

Trend Alert



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