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Valentino Garavani Triangular Handle Tote: Skinny Love

Valentino Garavani Triangular Handle Tote

There are a lot of triangles to steer clear of – the Bermuda Triangle, love triangles…but Valentino Garavani’s? It’s not to be missed. The gold-tone triangle handle is geometry we can all understand and appreciate. Who knew such a simple shape could be made into something so unique? The sleek, bordeaux red tote is a complete departure from the rock stud style we’ve come to expect, which is why I love Valentino – the pieces always keep you guessing! The interior is large, yet thin with a slip pocket and zippered one. Carry this on shopping trips or on occasions when you don’t need to sling a bag over your shoulder. While it’s obviously not a sightseeing bag, it is a sight to see, so make sure everyone has a good view! Available on Farfetch for $1,143.49.

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