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Aromaflage: A Fine Fragrance that Repels Insects


Gahh some summer seasons are just awful when it comes to mosquitoes and this season in the Hamptons seems to be one of them. It’s terrible! Even if I sleep completely covered in my blanket I’ll get eaten alive. A few years ago it was so bad I had to see a dermatologist. Why don’t I wear bug spray you ask? Because it stinks! And it feels gross when I have sunscreen on, but no so anymore…two recent Harvard Business School grads just launched an amazing new functional botanical fragrance called Aromaflage ($65), which doubles as insect repellent. It’s inspired by the ancient Southeast Asian practice of using aromatic essential oils to repel insects. The refreshing essential oil based fragrance’s notes include vanilla, orange, and cedarwood.

It’s light enough that you can spray it around your body and not be overwhelmed by the scent and there’s a candy-like finish (I keep thinking Pez, but that’s not the right image!).

This is just about the most amazingly scented and beautifully packed insect repellent I’ve ever seen…


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