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Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Monday to Sunday Bamboo Muslins

Aurelia Probiotic Skincare Monday to Sunday Bamboo Muslins

Tina and I have loved Liz Earle’s cleanser for years – mostly because it comes with muslin washcloths! Aurelia ups the stakes by crafting these from bamboo, which is naturally anti-bacterial. It’s woven so finely that it feels like a cloud, yet still gently exfoliates to wash away dead skin and give you a nice rosy glow. Just wet your face, apply your favorite cleanser, and wash it away with the dampened cloth! If you’re in the shower or bath, drench the muslin and do the work in one fell swoop, but if you’re doing this at the sink, only dampen the cloth. Otherwise, it’ll look like a monsoon hit your counter! When you’re done, throw the muslin right in the wash. With seven included in the Monday to Sunday pack, you don’t have to sorry about running out quickly. Take them with you when you travel. This is when your skin needs the most love (dry plane air, changes in climate, extra time spent outdoors – your skin gets jet lagged, too!). Or give the muslins as gifts. Since the cloths come in a pretty black box decorated with a bow, the wrapping’s already done for you! Available on NET-A-PORTER for $28.



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