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Baby Dior Extraordinary Special Tulle Dress: In the Red

Baby Dior Extraordinary Special Tulle Dress

I was shopping at Baby Dior today – well, more like perusing because honestly, I would never. I made the mistake once of getting my girls Dior dresses and a coat on sale. It only took one wear to destroy them, so I stopped wasting my money. And while I haven’t ventured into baby couture since, I have to admit that this dress is extraordinary (it’s in the name, after all!). The delicate tulle details are the same ones handcrafted in France as on adult Dior, but even at a deep discount, this is major sticker shock. Why make such an investment when they can’t even appreciate it? Save that money for her prom dress and you’ll be her hero. Neiman’s markets it as an heirloom to pass down and that’s a great idea, assuming it survives your little girl’s closet in one piece. As for me, I’ll still appreciate it – just vicariously. At Neiman Marcus for $1,656 (from $3,680).



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