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Bally Pixie Bag and Persis Clutch: Winging It

Bally Pixie Bag and Persis Clutch

I blame Mariah for my love of butterflies (and pretty much anything that has to do with rainbows and sappy love songs). I decided to learn how to say butterfly in as many languages as possible in my teens – long before Mimi’s Butterfly came out back in 1997. I always thought the French say it best; “papillon” just sounds so whimsical.

While Bally is a Swiss brand (that just celebrated their 160th anniversary!) and there aren’t any fluttering winged creatures involved here, their Papillon collection’s unique ribbon-cut leather, fine and woven, creates a sense of airy lightness, one any butterfly would appreciate. It’s been a hit since it was first introduced, and now Fall ’13 welcomes the launch of new additions to the Papillon family. The Pixie handbag, which combines breezy softness with tailored angularity, is a favorite in black and white. On the small-scaled side, the other newbie I’m partial to: the Persis clutch, a sweet yet tough-looking little box with a wristlet for casual ease. The Year of the Butterfly might not be a real thing, but the autumn of the butterfly is on the horizon.

The Pixie, $1,795, and Persis, $1,395, are available at Bally.

Cal 212-751-9082 for inquiries.



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