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Bestowed: The Best Healthy Products In A Box


Rare is the day I don’t pop into my local health food store at one point or another so when it comes to healthy snacks…I’ve seen countless. If there’s one thing I’ve gathered from checking out celebrity nutritionist Heather Bauer’s new monthly subscription service, Bestowed, however it’s that there’s always something new and great to try.

Each month, Bestowed members receive five to seven products to try, all delivered in a box that comes straight to their door. Everything is beautifully organized and packaged. I was able to check out the box and I didn’t know at least half the products in there! The service is $19.95 a month, but it gets cheaper if you commit for longer (what an awesome housewarming, wedding or baby shower gift!). Click here for an example of some of the products that have been included. I love that Bauer explains exactly why each product was picked and gives tips on how to use them.


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