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Clare Vivier Mini Haircalf Bag: Guilt-Free by Association

Claire Vivier Mini Haircalf Bag

This Clare Vivier can help tide me over while I’m working on getting my Givenchy. It’s a mini version of sorts – the cow print I love at a price point I love just as much! Clare Vivier can always be relied upon for guilt-free indulgences, and this is one that will get tons of use. Bring it on your summer trips as a little sightseeing bag. Besides being light, it has that strap across the middle to keep sneaky hands from lifting your belongings. The mini is a fabulous way to add a little texture to your look, especially in the fall and winter when we see a lot of calfhair. The size does have one drawback. Since the bag is small and the print is large, you’re not guaranteed the right mix of black and white. If you get mostly white, you’ll miss the effect. I can’t help myself, though – for this price, it’s a risk I’ll take! On Shopbop for $195.



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